Covid-19 Additional Measures
Part of my new Risk Assessment covers Covid-19 amendments. For bookings to go ahead, I need to put in a few caveats, which I need to make you aware of and ask you kindly to adhere to the following recommendations:
Bookings and Cancellations
If, up to the date of your booking, you are self-isolating or if you or your family have Covid-19 symptoms, please reschedule for when you are well or after your isolation period.
At the time of your booking, I shall send you a confirmation text of your booking, along with a link to my Terms & Conditions and the Covid-19 additional measures.
On my Arrival
On the date of booking it is recommended that, if possible, you open a window to keep the room ventilated. I will meet you at the door wearing my full PPE and you must keep at least 2m away. 
Work Area Access
To minimise any cross contamination, please move any furniture, to allow an area roughly 2m square. Please also remove all nik-naks and items in close proximity to the fire and clear a work area around the fire hearth. ​
During the Sweep
You must not enter the room I am working in. Although I am wearing an FFP3 respirator, gloves, eye protection and overshoes, I want to keep you and myself 100% safe.
After your Sweep
I will sanitise my hands and issue you with either a certificate of sweeping or written report, detailing key findings, any problems if they exist and a warning notice attached. At this moment in time, I do not require you to sign your certificate.
I will also sanitise any door handles, light switches or socket switches I have touched, on my way out.
Once I have left your property, I carry out a decontamination on any equipment that has been used, including the waterproof base of my hearth sheet and runners (if used). Disposable PPE is safely disposed of and replenished.
Payment is made at the time of work completion, preferably by card. I have an iZettle card machine, which I will sanitise prior and after use. Cash payments are accepted, if left in an envelope, which I can sanitise at the end of the day.
Failure to adhere to social distancing advice will make my Public Liability Insurance invalid.
Thank You for your Understanding