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Chimney Sweep Swindon



Your home is your most important investment.

Protect your investment by having your chimney inspected

and cleaned regularly by a professional chimney sweep.


Each time we use our fireplace, soot collects in the inside of the chimney.

An excess buildup of soot or creosote inside your chimney can cause the smoke to backup into your home - or even worse, to start a fire inside the chimney.


Having a professional chimney sweep give it a good sweep, at least once a year, will reduce the chance of this ever happening to you.


Spring is an excellent time to get your chimney inspected and cleaned by a chimney sweep. By getting it done at the end of the burning season, your chimney is clean and ready to go for the next season. I cover Swindon and its surrounding villages.


By booking Dusty Sweeps early, during the spring and summer months, you avoid having the wait in the autumn for me to get to you, which can be several weeks. That can be quite inconvenient when you are anxious to build your first fire in the winter months and all the chimney sweeps are very busy. 

Following every sweep, you will be issued with a Sweep Safe certificate, which is recognised by all major household insurers.


Hope to sweep you soon!!


Dusty Sweeps is proud to be solely associated with Scarrotts Firewood & Coal Merchants, of Royal Wootton Bassett and is the best place to buy your fuel, for this winter.

Swindon Chimney Sweep

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Chimney Sweep Swindon
Swindon Chimney Sweep


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